Administrative Interface
Full control over the configurator’s tools and options.

The Administrative Module even offers the producer the possibility to manage in an efficient way, all of the partners from the distribution chain. From this module you can create users with export rights towards the production department, for all of the created products. Thereby, you could have an optimal control over the 3D meshes that can only be exported from the configurator and right into your own production department.

The Administrative Interface is a tool built for you as the producer. It’s simple structure makes it easy to handle and use it to the best of its ability. It is similar to the price interface where you can set the exact parameters and change them whenever it is needed. You can set and change restrictions related to the changes made to the product. You can design the application and change its colors so that Configurators 3D will fit your style. You can create users controlled by your employees and give them as much access as needed into the configurator. You can allow them to set up discounts, create promotions, give them the freedom to interact with your clients and help them in the creation process and so on. On the other side, you may limit some users’ access to the front part of the configurator and give others access to the behind scenes, where they may arrange the collections and products, set some restrictions, or get access to the file containing the details necessary for the production department.
You can receive reports regarding how many visitors you have had this month and from which area, country they were, or the number of users that you have, how many projects are active, how many are in standby and how many were successfully accomplished. You can have all these details and data nicely sorted and displayed for you to have a better knowledge of how the application is doing and where you can invest more and expand.