User friendly interface
Instant price calculation of every change made to the product.
30 fps, HD or 4K resolution for a natural, continuous image sequences.
Configurator 3D runs directly on internet browsers, on PC, Mac, Android and IOS, without a 3rd part
Manage hundreds and thousands of products with all possible configurations
Specially developed interface that allows data transfer to the production department.
A visible help area is correlated with the menu to assist the users at every step
Product Search Engine: make it easy for your clients to find the product he needs.
The configurator can be placed at the disposal of every partner, distributor or even clients, for a very small price. No additional costs will be required.
Cloud based: total security, cost reductions and no need for installation of an executable.
Parameterization capabilities: your clients need only to change one area or parameter of the product and the rest will automatically adapt to the change.
It could be represented 3D animations which simulate the functionality, the montage or the service procedures of the product of technological system directly in browser.
You can introduce thousands of products and entire collections in a short time period.
Optimize the production process, by arranging in a respective order the production, products and their options.
Develop marketing strategies and see how clients react to new products.Analyze your client’s selections and decide what options and products to keep.
Be ready to use the new 3D tools which will be available soon in social media tools.
The administrative interface give you the full control over the configurator’s tools and options
“We design together” – offering the possibility to collaborate online with your clients when you develop on demand products.
Possibility to simulate a real 3D shop: make your client believe that he is visiting your shop directly from his couch.
Optimyzed integration of the configurator with your web-site and on-line shop
ERP, MRP, CRM integration
Export of the configurated products in CSV, Rhino, OBJ, STL or other file
Special features could be represented by request using alghoritms and parametrized configurators