Industry 3D is adapted for equipments, machines, mechanisms, tools etc. The days in which you spend countless resources on finding the right product for your customers are over. The configurator acts as a 3D, online showroom of your products, on which clients can search and find a product acording his technical demands, configure dimensions, colors, textures used and extra accessories, without having to search in huge catalogues and complicated tables or to go directly to your shop. The configurator then sends a list with all the selected changes directly to the warehouse or to the production department.

The modification possibilities are vast. Starting from a basic product, clients can change the parameters, options, they can add or remove some parts, they can see the fixing system and to check the compatibility with other components. They could know instantly the price of the product and when it could be produced and delivered, in function of the alghoritms introduced in the configurator.

Animations make the product seem even more realistic as the client can see how the product works or could be used both in montage and service for every component or system, they can depict in great detail how a product functions or how it can be used. Because it works directly in browser, we eliminate the long process of creating these animations in specialized programs, and the loading of the animation is done instantly.

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