Classic & Timeless wedding rings with a touch of style.
The classic module is focused on elegant and simplified types of rings that have never gotten old or out of fashion, thus achieving immortality in their timeless existence.

A well-designed, latest technology configurator lies behind this module which makes Saturn run smoothly and flawlessly. This is possible with the help of over 120 geometrical algorithms pre-defined in the configurator that help create the rings with every change made to it while also facilitating other functions such as stone positioning, engraving and on-spot price calculation. This allows your customer the possibility to create from scratch and change the rings according to their preference and personal style, swiftly coming up with a design suited to their own taste and needs. All this while keeping track of the expenses that each change brings, making sure they can control the exact amount that they spend. The price is instantly calculated based on a mathematical algorithm.


Over 120 mathematical algorithms that help generate wedding rings in 3D, in any dimension and with the available options.

The possibility to create from scratch, various classical wedding rings that exist in most jewelry producers collections.

This module automatically calculate the number of stones on the surface of the ring, their positions and dimensions, taking into consideration its size and geometry, and also if the configured ring can be made.

The possibility to create special configurations that are distinctive to a certain producer, like the introduction of new materials, finishes, certain types of settings etc.

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